Little Makes – February Part Two 

Another two weeks have flown by. This time I’m on it and have pictures to share! Yeah!

Normally I flit between two or three projects but I’ve been focusing on getting this one finished.

My lovely friend K is currently working in New York so when we discovered Caron Cakes were a US exclusive we asked very nicely if she could go to Michaels for us and bring a couple of balls home at Christmas.

I wanted to make sure that all the wool was used on one project rather than a bit here and there. I’d tried casting on a couple of times, only to find that it didn’t always work.

In the end I settled on the Debut pattern by The Yarn Juices. You can find it here on Ravelry.

Debut - Caron Cakes

Having spent the best part of my spare time this week knitting I actually managed to put the finishing touches to it before bed tonight and snap a couple of pictures (albeit not great!). Technically the pattern finished around the purple lines but with some careful maths I figured out how to repeat section 4 and 5 of the pattern and make it use up the rest of the ball (in fact the casting off row was dealt right for yarn!)

So all finished. I actually finished a project. I think it took me about four weeks but to start with I’d been alternating with other projects and other things in general. According to the news, Monday is set to be one of the warmest February days in 100 years or something mad so I won’t necessarily be able to wear my scarf but will try to get some more action pictures!

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