The One with The T-shirts

So I am a fan of T-shirts – I tend to wear T-shirts to work with smart-er jumpers over the top rather than wearing smart blouses (As they are uncomfy and the last few that I bought tend to cut into my arms – anyhoo not the point)

A few weeks ago I bought this shirt

I actually love this shirt a stupid amount lol. Every time I wear it though I get people giving me strange looks because of how the wording is broken up but I don’t care lol. I love it all the same!!!

Next I bought this shirt (and extra goodies cos I got a Limited Edition Bundle pack thing):

All Caps Limited Edition Shirt

ALL CAPS are a band from the USA, their members are Kristina Horner (she’s italktosnakes on YouTube and blogs at Oh Hey Kristina) and Luke Conard (He’s on YouTube and is also in a Wrock band called Ministry of Magic – if you go his main YouTube page there are videos there like Goodbye Privet Drive).

And my third and final shirt (and extra goodies) for now is this one:

117 % Complete

Alex is a musician from here in the UK. He is a member of the Time Lord rock band called Chameleon Circuit (Even David Tennant knows who they are!) but also has done some bits on his own. He is another YouTuber and you can find his channel here.

So those are my fab T-shirts and hopefully I will get round to taking some pictures of me wearing those shirts rather than just having the images I found on the DFTBA website 🙂 or FToM‘s site.

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