012: I Love Lists Thursday

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(One Day) I’d like to visit…

I love the idea of travelling and love the idea of going further afield and to different places each time I go away well sometimes it’s not as simple as that so I have to live a bit vicariously at the moment but one day I’d like to visit these places (there are more but these are the Top 15)

  1. Montreal, Canada
  2. Quebec, Canada
  3. Toronto, Canada (Will try to hang with Emily at some point during the time in Canada)
  4. Boston, America
  5. New York, America
  6. Kansas (to meet Bobberdilly),
  7. Texas (to hang with Em and Tim – if they’ll let me!)
  8. Missouri (to meet Becca, Koree and Amy – again if they’ll let me!)
  9. Tokyo, Japan – Lots of photos here to inspire
  10. Harajuku, Japan
  11. Italy (Verona, Roma, Pisa, Venezia – There should be links to pictures
  12. Sydney/Woolongong – I have to meet Ruby and Branden at some point, along with Em, Wez and their gang who I talk to on Twitter.
  13. Melbourne (to catch up with Loz and Sheens)
  14. Dundee, Scotland – need to visit my cousin (if Scotland becomes Independent will I need my passport to get in?)
  15. Vladivostok, Russia – this is more to say that I’ve been there – if I got to go on the Trans-Siberia Railway that would be even cooler (yes I am a geek!)


    • Hannie says:

      Thanks for the comment Evan.

      Missouri – well I guess sometimes you have to go where your friends live – especially if you’re heading there to visit them!

      Vladivostok – if you were to stand on the beach (or what there is of a beach in Russia) just south of Vladivostok and then swim South East you’d eventually end up in Japanese waters. It’s on the eastern sea board of Russia 🙂 (Google it for more info)

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