021: 25 Before I’m 26 (An Update – 3/4)

Back in April when I turned 25 I wrote my 25 Before I’m 26 list. It’s now about 9 months through the year – I managed to complete another goal today so wanted to update you all.

  1. Read Love Wins by Rob Bell
  2. Take part in the “Messiah From Scratch” (Christmas 2o11) (Done – November 2011)
  3. Watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 (July 2011) (Done – July 2011)
  4. Re-read Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling (Done – July 2011)
  5. Go on an adventure within the UK on my own (Done – April 2011)
  6. Read The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien (In Progress)
  7. Make 10 items to open an Etsy Store
  8. Fix my Bike
  9. Go on a road trip (Done – 28th April 2011)
  10. Watch 100 films (100/100)
  11. Read 5 biographies
  12. Learn and Memorise 10 scales on the Bass Guitar
  13. Read 3 of the 6 Jane Austen novels (In Progress)
  14. Watch the 3 Lord of The Ring Films (again) (1/3)
  15. Read the 3 Lord of The Ring Books.
  16. Meet @Ellefie in person (If you don’t read it go read her blog – she’s my birthday buddy).
  17. Watch all 17 Studio Ghibli feature films (no 18 is being released in July 2011 – 7/17 as of 1st May).
  18. Watch Breakfast At Tiffany’s. (Done – 1st May 2011)
  19. Finish His Image My Image by Josh McDowell. (Done)
  20. Finish One Day by David Nicholls (Done – 1st May 2011)
  21. Go to a concert.(Done – 8th May 2011)
  22. Cook a Roast Dinner
  23. Home make at least one Christmas Present (Done)
  24. Read My Life in France by Julia Childs and Alex Prud’Homme. (Done)
  25. Cycle to Sandy and back

1st May 2011 – Completed 3
8th May 2011 – Completed: 4
23rd May 2011 – Completed: 4
8th July 2011 – Completed: 9
22nd October 2011 – Completed: 10
12th December 2011 – Completed: 12 In Progress: 2
15th January 2012 – Completed 14 In Progress: 2

So I have 14 goals completed and 11 to go – some are easier than others, some might have to wait until April (It’s far too cold to cycle to Sandy and back at the moment!) I want to write a new list for next year but I’m not sure what to do – I want the challenges to be actual challenges rather than “do this” or “do that” goals as some of mine were too easy this year.

Have you written a list of goals for this year? Or between birthdays?

I read quite a few blogs and a few lists have appeared this week as people celebrate their birthdays. Becca D wrote one this week after being inspired by Elise Blaha Cripe back in December when she celebrated her birthday, Becca S and Mandy‘s have both appeared this week as they celebrate their birthdays (either last week or this week). So Happy Birthday ladies!!

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