040: I Love Lists Thursday

Lists Journal

This week’s list probably should come next week given it being Valentine’s Day but I want to say thank you for all this bits now.

My “I Love Lists” list this week is a list of things that Chris did for me this week that have made me feel loved. I wasn’t well at the beginning of the week and then I had the dentist for two filings yesterday so had epic numb face for like 3 hours (it was a horrible feeling I felt like a hamster!)

Here we go:

  • At some point in the weekend/week Chris fixed my blog – the scheduled post bit had been broken and I couldn’t get it to work – Chris took a look and fixed it!
  • I was really not feeling getting up yesterday and clearly I was giving the vibes or something because after sending Our Sidekick off to school, Chris came and parked on my side of the bed and gave me a hug while playing on his phone – I was half asleep so it was a nice wake up call.
  • Packing up the laptop while I got ready for work yesterday – I’d been lent a HP Laptop to trial and it had to be sent back yesterday so Chris packed up the power lead while I put my shoes on
  • While I was putting my coat on I’d realised that I’d forgotten to pack my toothbrush and toothpaste – I was about to head for the stairs to get it and Chris had gone and reappeared a few moments later with my toothbrush.
  • I left for work and Chris locked the door behind me when I left rather than me having to find my keys to the lock the door.
  • Following the dentist and my numb face I’d been to my Mum’s house to organise a presentation we’re doing at her sewing group. While I was out Chris and Our Sidekick had tea. Chris saved me some and when I got in from Connect Group he reheated it for me so that I could eat it.
  • Twice this week Chris has taken me to work so that he can have the car to run errands and go to meetings but add into that, on Monday when I was sent home from work he came to collect me from work and took me home
  • We’d had a whole conversation about the kitchen needing a clean. Well when I got in yesterday Chris had done it and minus the tea things which needed to be dealt with he’d tidied up.


We did the Barefoot Walk at Conkers yesterday. It was sooo cold!!

I am so blessed.

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