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Five years ago I started blogging – I’d been trying to find somewhere to release my crazy rambles when I found WordPress and got started (I think it was also procrastination from my dissertation while at university). This week marks this celebration and I thought I’d get some of my friends to share about their passions. Here is blog post number two…..(I did think over posting this but I realised that I had asked about what makes people passionate and things like Domestic Abuse aren’t discussed enough – in one sentence MAKE IT STOP!)

My passion is to see my daughter live in a world in which her value does not come from her ability to have sex, make babies or look pretty. A world in which my son is not required to lose some of himself in order to fit in the man box, a box where he must have limited emotion and be valued by the money he earns or the amount of sex he has.

I will work my whole life to see violence against women reduced and ultimately ended. In every culture, in every town, village or city the world over, there are women who are being abused and devalued, whether through domestic abuse, widow cleansing, rape as a weapon of war, FGM, prostitution, lower wages for women workers, street harassment, pornography or the many other forms of devaluing and abusing of women. I want to see this ended, as soon as possible.

How can this happen? It can happen as each of us take responsibility for our lives, for how we raise our children, how we respond to every woman we meet. Do we challenge those who make sexist remarks? Do we speak out against the abuse of women in pornography, or do we call it a purity issue and miss the point?

The more egalitarian a society, the less abuse of women there is. What are we doing to bring about an equal society? How are we challenging the stereotypes and boxes of gender that the world, and the Church, places on people?

Everywhere I go, everything I do is with one goal in mind; the end of abuse of women. It is a big goal, some may say an impossible goal, but that does not deter because I follow and serve He who can do more than I could ever ask or imagine, and if I can ask and imagine the end of abuse of women, what else is He going to do?!


Mrs GLW was another one of those serendipitous people that I met via Twitter. You can find Mrs GLW’s blog here or follow her on Twitter.

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