096: Life. Edited. Part Two

Back in January I watched a video called Life. Edited. – it was that inspiring I even wrote a blog post about it (You can read it here). Well I thought an update might be needed. I wasn’t very good at first – I wrote a book list but didn’t get that many people coming forward to adopt any of my books. JD came forward and adopted a bunch of the books – I delivered these to her house on Friday when I dropped her home following our girlie night on Friday.

I started thinking about it – what else can be done?

My friend Sam is hosting a swapping event similar to the Swishing Party to raise funds for his trip to Uganda but on a wider scale so it’s more like a car boot sale but you swap your bits (or at least that’s how I’ve understood it!). So this is somewhere I can start with the rest of the books. I can take a selection of my books to Sam’s Swapping Event and that will clear some more of them from my shelves.

I then got thinking about CDs. Apart from when I’m in the car I listen to music on my MacBook or iPhone. That got me thinking – what do I do with my CD collection? I love music – I think if I was ever to go deaf I’d go slightly bananas too. Music is part of my soul (I think!). Rather than hanging on to CDs that I might never listen to again – I thought about making a second list of my CDs and selling them on eBay or something that but it takes alot of work but at the same time it then puts money in my pocket to go to other things like a holiday or a trip somewhere, or puts money into my bank account to purchase the MP3 versions through my iTunes or Amazon MP3 account.

How about DVDs? For now I’m not going to clear out my whole collection as I still like to snuggle up with a DVD when it’s cold outside or when I feel under the weather and want to watch a movie (but don’t want to have to concentrate really hard on something like at the moment I’m watching Coco Before Chanel). But when it’s easier to get them on the computer or at least on a hard drive then I might start considering being more drastic with my DVD collection.

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