180: 26 Before I’m 27 – Part 2

26 before

How very cool!!!

I’ve completed another goal. At the weekend me and my brother went to Cambridge to see Dave Gorman live. I tweeted about it on Saturday morning – I was really excited and just had to get through the rest of the day. Our Sidekick was off to a sleepover and Chris had to be despatched to work – that’s not hard right…….

Having seen Googlewhack Adventure and heard the premise behind Are You Dave Gorman? I knew I was in for a good night. Little did I realise how much my sides were going to hurt having laughed so hard for so long (At one point I almost fell off my chair because I couldn’t breathe!). I picked up my brother at about 4ish and we headed over to Cambridge. Every time I go to Cambridge I end up getting lost or going the wrong way so I wanted to make sure we left in enough time in case I had to double back or go round the one way system again.

Dave Gorman's Powerpoint Presentation

We arrived in Cambridge at about 5 and went to grab some food. Rich wasn’t that fussed about where we went to so we ended up at BRB The Cow as I’ve been there before (And it was that or a yellow arched fast food chain!). Again extra time added in for service but because it was relatively quite (or people were just drinking during the football and rugby that were being shown on the TV we were finished eating before 6 – eek! Two hours to kill in Cambridge when most of the shops are closing up. Well we pottered around and got a drink – I found out that my brother drinks green tea now and has pretty much given up cola – how did I miss that he’d done that?!?

After wandering round the small number of shops that were still open we sat outside the shopping centre and chatted while drinking our tea (raspberry iced for me and green for Rich) and talking about Rich’s birthday which is in a few weeks. (He’s having a murder mystery party and I have to come as a green alien from a Star Wars related planet – not sure this is a good idea but should be fun all the same!)

We stood in the foyer of the theatre for about an hour chatting and generally trying not to get in trouble for waiting inside the building instead of outside. Also commented on different things that were happening around us including when Dave’s brother arrived and was trying to convince the door staff that he was supposed to be allowed back stage and he would call Dave to come and get him if it really was necessary. A group of people stood in the foyer made a joke about being Dave’s long lost cousins or something like that to try and queue jump.

We were further back then I thought we would be but minus the chap in front who kept moving into my sight line we had pretty good seats (Especially at one point when Dave came out into the audience and was at the row in front of us!). I think if we’d been in the front four or five rows we would have ended up with achey necks because the front rows were so close to the stage. I think they must have been on maximum capacity for seating as the front row was probably less than a metre from the edge of the stage.

The warm up act for Dave was called Jay Foreman. Most of the songs were probably un-repeatable in public places (At least for me anyway lol), This is a funny and clean one called Stealing Food – the video is pretty funny too. This took us up to the interval with Dave to follow after. My brother bought Jay’s CD and having listened to Spamalot on the way we listened to Jay on the way home. (Jay’s Website/Jay’s Twitter)

Hurry up @davegorman!!

Now part from this picture I’m not going to tell you any more as it would give away a bunch of spoilers – if you want them desperately enough then email me but I’m not going to post them on here. At the end of the gig, Me and Rich joined the queue to say hi and get our books signed. Also stopped for a picture and had a brief chat about Twitter. I had a goofy moment and Rich laughed at me (which made me feel about two inches tall lol).

Did I show you? Look who I met yesterday. @davegorman

Bring on the next challenge……..


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