20 Projects in 2020: Project 1 and 2

One of my goals for 2020 is to complete 20 projects. More than likely these will be knitting or crochet but it’s always possible that some sewing will creep in there too. Here’s the latest completed project. (The full 20 in 2020 list will be available soon!)

Projects 1 and 2 were baby blankets for friends at church. I was so busy trying to get them finished that I forgot to take pictures of the final finished item! So here are some of the in progress pictures.

Baby Girl Blanket

After having two boys my friend is expecting a little girl so I went all out with the pinks and purples. It was a simple granny square pattern with row 1-4 in the middle being different colours then rows 5, 6 and 7 were white. They were all sewn together and then edged with pink around the very outside of the blanket. A lot of the pinks and purples were from stash but when new shades were purchased (and the white), they were all Stylecraft Special DK.

Baby Boy Blanket

Similarly when it came to the little boy blanket, I stuck with greens and blues but I’d also put a yellow middle in each of the squares, most were this Sunshine shade but the rest were a Lemon shade just for a bit of variety.

One finished blanket being appreciated by it’s new owner

Both were delivered to the respective Mum’s to be at church on Sunday and got lots of hugs to say thank you!

Thank you again so much for the gorgeous blanket! It really is such a special present and I can’t wait to use it! Perfect colours too! So kind of you.

Baby Boy’s Mummy

That blanket is incredible! Thank you so so much! It’s so so beautiful. You are very talented Hannah!!!

Baby Girl’s Mummy

So that two out of twenty done and we’re not even out of January – so I think that puts me on target lol. Project 3 is coming soon as I just need to finish the arms.