229: Had a Bad Day…..

Ever had one of those days where the wind just gets knocked out of you and you just need time to recover. It’s not as simple as getting up and rejoining the race. That was Monday.

I felt like I’d been hit by a bus or something and had to get myself back out of the road while other vehicles blocked my way. I’ve spent the last few weeks feeling like I’m not really keeping up with life – I think this mainly started after coming home from holiday and being too shattered from driving to even think about putting things away and doing washing and things like that. The house looked like a bomb hit it until Sunday when I decided that the first two hours of family time would be us all pitching in and doing some chores – and minus a small argument that broke out about something kind of irrelevant to the chores – it worked and we got chores done – the living room was tidy, the kitchen surfaces were clean. The dishwasher was loaded. We got some tea and all collapsed in a heap on the sofa to watch the Closing Ceremony at the Olympics.

If only things were that easy. I went back to work on Monday having had a four day weekend and getting in the swing was kind of hard – then I had my Mid-Year Review and it just seemed to go down the toilet lol. Needless to say I felt rubbish after and I think this led to not wanting to write yesterday at all. I did what was needed after holiday club, ate some tea, washed my hair and got into bed. This could be how this week goes.

But now it’s Thursday and I’m getting there. Two holiday clubs to go and two days at work and a meeting and then it’s the weekend. I think I’m going to claim Saturday for myself. I’ll do chores etc but I think I’ll despatch Our Sidekick to the youth evening at The Fountain and go to the cinema or something and just escape for a bit.


    • Hannie says:

      You’ll be pleased to know that your typo made me smile even though it was a little morbid lol.

      It seems to be getting better so far. Roll on the weekend!!

    • Hannie says:

      Hey Nicole! Thanks for the comment. Yes thankfully I did make it. It’s almost half way over already but I felt like I achieved stuff which is good. Delivered a cool box back to a friends house, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, loaded and reloaded washing machine and hung out a load of washing. Also managed to do Park Run and have a shower lol.

      And next weekend is a Bank Holiday!! 3 day weekend!!

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