265: Fill in The Blanks Friday

(Joining with Lauren from the Little Things We Do)

1.  Something I am very proud of is my cousin, like a lot of young people her age she is heading off to university in the next few weeks to study Psychology – rock on! I was telling Connect Group on Wednesday that I remember holding her the day she was born (or it was the day after she was born – I just remember she was little even in my 9 year old arms lol).

2.  My favourite thing about myself is my organisational skills. Okay so if you saw this picture from my Instagram or how messy my room is at the moment you wouldn’t believe me but I can juggle three diaries and I’m pretty good at making sure we’re in the right place at the right time.

3.  My favourite colour for fall is clothes wise is probably purple. Then again I don’t really dress in set colours for set seasons – I just go with what I want to wear each day (is that really boring?).

4. Something I’ve been learning lately is remember to trust in God, don’t stress about the future because he’s got the plans!

5. A book I am reading now/have read recently isFrom Blah to Awe” by Jenna Lucado Bishop. I think it’s technically for teenage girls but I’m a girl and I’m in my twenties – I can still be a teen right? (When I’m not being a 26 year old Foster Mum lol)

6. My favourite Pandora Station is well, I don’t use Pandora. If I’m in the car chances are I either have a CD on or BBC Radio 2. Occasionally I flick over to BBC Radio 1 but it tends to be for the chart on a Sunday afternoon if we’re still in the car. At home I have UCB on and at work we have had BBC Radio 2 on this week at Scott Mills has been on the Breakfast show – I’m not sure if we’re going back to it next week when Nick Grimshaw takes over the Breakfast Show from Chris Moyles.

7.  This weekend I will be having lunch with my friend from school who I haven’t seen properly in about a year – I’ve bumped into him in town or while he’s at work but that’s about it. I’m then helping with the Mother/Daughter event at The Fountain.

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