316: This Weekend I…

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

This Weekend I… had to work an extra day so it was a six day week. On the other hand I have the time off in lieu so it’s a bit like a disjointed weekend instead.

This Weekend I… went out for dinner with three of my colleagues. One from the US office we had a bunch of training too. Had a laugh and a good time which was cool even though it was super tiring. We went to the Beefeater Grill at Priory Marina which was outstanding service again. Our waitress was super lovely and helpful.

This Weekend I… went out for dinner with Our Sidekick and Chris. I could have really done with going home though. We went to Pizza Express which normally is really shocking for customer service but I think they’ve have a change round of staff (or just the Saturday team are more helpful). I ordered Meatball Bolognese which I had at MK with Mum a few months back. Well it then arrived and it was a pizza (I was expecting a pasta dish). Well the waiter was super helpful they looked on the menu for an alternative which was to do a double portion of a kids meal and throw in some meatballs for good luck. It was probably about 20 minutes total after Chris and Our Sidekick got their food but that wasn’t a problem. I had a chat with he manager because apparently I shouldn’t have been served it or something like that at Pizza Express (but it was on the menu. I’m so confused!). When it came to getting refills it took a little while to get served but I smiled and waved at the manager and he came over to help us. I asked for two glasses of water and he brought out a jug which was good. When I asked for the bill I was ready to pay but instead our waiter ran off (well I don’t mind not paying but you might!) he’d got as far as applying the club card vouchers but then vanished. I installed the Pizza Express app and paid the remainder via PayPal which meant we could go.

This Weekend I… caught up on TV as most of it took little concentration. Strictly, Covert Affairs and Ace of Cakes was Saturday evenings entertainment.

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