BEDA Day 2

(Yup nice original title lol)

Today it’s Monday.

Why do you get that Monday Morning Feeling where you wish it was the weekend and really struggle to get your brain back into gear for work related stuff.

After my post yesterday, That Boy was knelt on the floor working on his computer and I stood behind him as I was heading out the room to go to bed. He grabbed my legs to give me like a deformed hug and I lost my balance. I went straight over his shoulder, my head then made contact with the floor and my back and legs hit the floor, a cushion and a plate (not just a flat-ish dinner plate, I had had a flat bottom bowl – like the picture).

Plate - not for lying on

I’d caught my back in line with the bottom of my lungs so I think it had winded me because I rolled over on my side and just tried to pull myself together, then proceeded to burst into tears lol. It was completely an accident and That Boy did take care of me, he checked my back for me even though I was too busy crying lol. Once I had composed myself enough I went upstairs and got straight into bed.

I read for a little while then when That Boy came up to bed he grabbed me a drink. I didn’t really drink any of it and just rolled over and tried to sleep. I think I did sleep but I kept dreaming about being in Twilight and that a newborn kept trying to chase me, I have no idea why lol. I’d been reading The Host before I went to sleep and it was a few nights ago that I was reading Midnight Sun on my phone.

Anyhoo its Monday I feel kinda tired, my back is achy but not painful (if that makes sense!) I am in two minds about trampolining, I’m thinking not to go tonight in case I’ve done anything more than just bruise it, but also I ate junk for most of last week so the exercise would be good – talk about a complicated life lol.

Me and JD had lunch together, we went to the supermarket as normal but it’s possible that it’ll be our last lunch together before she moves to her new job. I’m really glad for her about getting a new job because she’s not been happy in her current one.

Aah well for now I’m going to flop and find some stuff to watch either on iPlayer or on YouTube.


    • Hannie says:

      That’s pretty much exactly what I did. I parked in front of the TV and watched random bits and pieces with my housemate. Then we went out with my OH to the park down the road from our house to fly his toy helicopter then we came back and parked in front of the TV some more. Nice and chilled.

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