347: Lately…..

Since Sunday evening, life didn’t exactly go to plan. My little diary is a bit fit to burst at the moment – and I’m questioning if I need a bigger diary (and I’m convinced that companies who design diaries don’t actually use paper diaries – there is never enough space and then a bigger diary is too heavy!), anyway, so there were bits and pieces scribbled in my diary, my colleague had the day booked off and I was going to go to the cinema with Libs.

But my insides decided that, I was allergic to fun or something like that because at 3am I was up like a shot. We’ll leave it there as to what was going on because I don’t want to gross you out but it wasn’t pretty and I was fed up by 6:30am.

I Feel So Ill

I spent most of Monday and Tuesday either asleep or watching Warehouse 13. My brother lent me Season 1 and 2 but I hadn’t really go further than about Episode 5 of Season 1. Well I’ve caught up, I’m resisting the urge to google and see if Myka comes back (please because I like her!), whether Todd reappears – or even if Fargo (From Town Called Eureka) reappears again because him and Claudia get on like a house on fire!

I had meant to read too but that didn’t happen either. I’ve been trying to read Wuthering Heights, Catherine gets on my nerves, I think she’s a spoilt brat and could do with a slap up the head. I wanted to read 30 books in 2012 (as part of the Goodreads Challenge) , but I’m up to 24, I don’t want to surrender but at the same time – it’s December 12th, that gives me like 18 days to read 6 books – I make that 3 days a book or something like that. Can I do it who knows?

I had a great evening this evening. The original plan had been for two friends to come to my house and I was going to teach them crochet – unfortunately Friend No 2 has a stinky  (or sticky as I just wrote by mistake!) cold and so wasn’t feeling up to coming out. Friend No 1’s car had broken down so coming out was going to be a challenge. Plan B became Plan A, following work I darted home, collected Our Sidekick and my bag of crocheting loveliness, we then dashed off to the rehearsal at church. Following the rehearsal we went to the supermarket for ice cream and muffins (instant dessert to share with you at some point!) then went to Friend No 1’s house for tea and a crochet lesson.

Do I crochet 10 more squares to make this a square the do the edging? Or do I do 5 and edge, or just edge. I don't know!! #crochet #crocheting

While Our Sidekick played Minecraft with Friend No 1’s hubby  (I think they’ve made friends for life there because I still don’t understand the purpose of Minecraft whereas Friend’s hubby and Our Sidekick knew exactly what was going on!). Well we got down to business and I taught her to crochet – well at least to crochet granny squares to get her started – we can go onto more complicated things later. I’m very excited and hope I taught my Padawan well. hehe.

So yeah that was today and the last few days, tomorrow is the Christmas dinner at work and hopefully I feel a little less stressed than I did today. But either way it’s time to sleep so I will catch you all at some point. TTFN.

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