75 Questions: Part Two

16. Would you rather receive 5 chatty emails or one ‘snail mail’ letter

I think the emails that way I could reply and make the day of more people.

17. What’s the best thing about the place where you live?

My family are here.
4 Grandparents, 3 aunts, 3 uncles, 4 cousins (1 is here in the uni hols, the rest of the time he’s in Coventry), my parents and my brother.

1 aunt, 1 uncle, 1 step-uncle (I think), 1 cousin live in Peterborough and 1 cousin in St Andrews, Scotland. 

18. Where would you most like to live? 

I don’t really know. I’d like to live in Europe – maybe Paris or somewhere in Germany but I need to be able to speak either French or German confidently before I would move country.

19. Do you prefer to write in pen or pencil?

I think I prefer pen but I use pencil if I a practice run. 

20. Would you rather have ice-cream or chocolate?

Ice cream – hands down!

21. What’s your favourite vegetable?

Carrots or Sweetcorn

22. How often do you daydream?

Not very often.

23. What was your last dream about?

I dreamt last night but didn’t remember it. However I do remember most nights.

24. What’s the last thing you prayed/wished for?

That the solicitor would confirm the moving day for my grandparents (which they did! They confirmed this afternoon! They are moving Tuesday!

25. Who’s your best friend?

Han K (a.k.a Kewey). We share a blog which can be found here.

26. Who would you most like to meet?

I have no idea! I guess the CEO of the company I work for would be cool (but kinda geeky!) 

27. Who would you most like to vanish from the face of the Earth?

It’s a bit harsh to ask that as God loves everyone the same.

28. Do you prefer cats or dogs?

Neither really, I’m not really a cat or dog person. I like hamsters and gerbils.

29. What, if any, phobias do you have?

30. What are you most scared of happening?

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