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Perky who writes at The 6 Senses of the Insane is running a competition at the moment.

The prizes include:

First Place: Wins $20.00 paid via PayPal and get featured on this blog (well her).
Second Place: Wins $10.00 paid via PayPal.
Third Place: Wins $5.00 paid via PayPal.

All you need to do is be a KO Bloggers member and blog your answer to this question….

A genie came up to you and asks you to choose between 2 options:

a) To live life as an immortal, or
b) Go back to a point in your life and make a change in your past (yes, you will still be a mortal).

Well it’s definately a toughie! It’s taken me 8 days to come up with a response! So I think I would go with a) To live life as an immortal because although going back in time and making a change in the past would be good – it might change who I am today (or whether I’m alive today!). Also if my decisions were wrong I’ve learnt from them and it’s developed me into who I am today.

Then again if I was immortal I think it would depress me if I’d have been born on my Great-Grandma’s birthday (14th October 1914) I would have witnessed World War 1 and 2, the War in Vietnam, Iraq both times round, Afghanistan, Kuwait and the Falklands. I would have witnessed events like JFK getting assassinated, the Watergate scandal and many others. I was born in April 1986 and I’m now 22 – I’ve witnessed enough wars and tragedies in my lifetime already. I remember where I was on 9/11, I remember where I was on 7/7 those are days that I will remember for my short little life and to me being mortal is fine. Yeah life is too short to fulfil all your dreams but you can step out and complete the achievable ones. 

I have a Bucket List. I wrote it as part of a Swap on Swap-Bot it was interesting to write as my Grandma’s past away less than a week before the deadline. I am going to keep that Bucket List and I am going to achieve as many of those things as I can between now and the day that God decides my time on earth is up. But for now I am going to show love to my neighbours, my friends and my family. I am going to be there for them (I am in the process of staying up for the 45 minutes like I told my friend I would do as I think she has just broken up with her boyfriend 🙁 ), I am going to baby-sit their kids so that they can have time out to spend with their partners, husbands or wives. I am going to use my spare time to help those around me rather than hogging that time to myself (ok there will be days when I need that time but if a friend needs me I will surrender it for them). 

So I’d be mortal, and I’ve just thought of the thing I would change. I would go back to March when I started my new job. I’d ask that I could leave at 5 every Friday and on my way home I’d go see my Grandma. I’d hang out with her and when I had the money I’d take her flowers or a cream cake (cos she liked them even though she said how bad they were for her!). And if my employer said no I’d make sure that if it was okay with her I’d go round for tea anyway. 

Now I am going to call Grandad and go see him, save up the flower money and get him a jigsaw every so often. 

Hope this answers the question 🙂

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