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Hannah Likes To...

I found this while reading KellyPuffs Blog. I’ve been in London for three days so feel a little detached from my blog.

Anyhoo so I have been very good in that I did lots of chores before coming on to my laptop this evening so I am blogging to my hearts content listening to Something Corporate – Punk Rock Princess on Youtube.

So the Meme… I found this on KellyPuffs Blog (After reading my responses – read her blog – she’s cool and she rocks!!!) She found this on Anna’s blog called Little Red Boat. (I haven’t got to her blog yet but I am sure she rocks all the same!!!) (A fellow reader (who goes by Fluffy Dragon) of Kelly’s blog also took inspiration – her responses can be found here)

You’re supposed to google “[your name] likes to” and share what you come up with. Hannah’s tend to be a little loopy (like me!) so lets see what we find.

Hannah likes to put hands in different things, like rice, pasta, play dough, etc. – Ok can agree with the playdough – I’m 22 but convinced that some days I’m like a 5 year old some days! I love pasta not so keen on rice though but I love rice pudding!

DIY Rainbow Clay

After school, Hannah likes to go home and play with her ducks.  – I don’t go to school anymore – and I don’t have ducks! Although that would be kinda cool.

Hannah likes to fly – I would love to fly! Where can we go?

Hannah likes to keep up with the latest and greatest in children’s television programming. – hehe thing is I could happily watch In The Night Garden with the Abster and Essie all afternoon!!! (Or watch Ben Ten with Joel!)In The Night Garden

Hannah likes to make this face a lot!  (You have to take a look at the picture!!!) – Ok maybe I don’t pull that face but I know that when I concentrate I stick my tongue out a little bit like my G-ma S

Another change is that Hannah likes to roll over to her tummy now. – I sleep on my stomach! So if I ever have a baby of my own I am either going to not sleep for 5-6 months when I have a bump or I’m going to have to develop levitation so that I can still sleep on my front! lol.

(There are so many parents blogging about their little girls called Hannah!!! Where are the girlies who are my age! No offence Mums and Dads! (If blogs were around in 1986 would my Mum and Dad have blogged about me to the world?!?)

Okay that’s 6 although there are more under “Hannah Likes to”.

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