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We have our own “only God” kind of story when it comes to how Our Sidekick came to be living with us four years ago. I am blessed to be sharing the “why?” part of Kayla’s story today, she’ll also be back on Saturday with the “what?” part

Every morning, I stumble out of bed, grab my Coke-bottle glasses, and shuffle my way across the hardwood floors into the kitchen. Our four-year-old waits patiently for his oatmeal, and his hand always seems to find mine as I make breakfast in the early morning hours. I pour myself coffee as our two-year-old, his bedhead just as wild as his little heart, comes hustin’ out of his room.

 Kayla and her beautiful family 


Motherhood, you guys. It’s chaotic and sleep-deprived and sweet and 100 kinds of awesome.


became a mom in a fashion that only God could create. I was a young, twenty-something newlywed learning more about the world, and more about its creator, every day. We were stumbly and we weren’t perfect, but we couldn’t help but sense that God was leading us both down a path to parenthood that, in the world’s eyes, was a bit unconventional.


My husband and I both started to feel the tug on our hearts for children who didn’t have families. We both grew up in safe and loving two-parent homes, and we couldn’t shake the idea of little ones not growing up without the structure and nurture a family provides. We knew we couldn’t do everything, but we could be open to doing something. We prayed, and asked God to lead.


One billion “only-God” stories later, and we were getting off a plane, welcoming our incredible one-year-old son into our arms, forever. Joseph joined our family via adoption from West Africa (you can learn much more about that here), and our lives have been so radically blessed by his presence. We grieve for what he lost with his fist family, but we praise God that he writes beautiful stories from brokenness. 



Fast forward two years, and we welcomed a second son into our lives, this time the old-fashioned way. Asher fits into our family perfectly, and it’s a joy to see my sons grow and learn and play and explore life together.


And now, our hearts are open to more. And we continue to believe that God will form our family once again through adoptionThere are children here and abroad waiting for safe and loving homes, and it’s at the core of our heart that we might have the privilege of being a family for another little one (or ones). Due to logistics, this time our process will happen in the U.S. instead of abroad. We’re not quite sure what this adoption will look like, though we know we want to be a family for a waiting child.


Over oatmeal and apple juice in sippie cups, we talk about adding a new brother or sister to the mix. “I know, Mommy!” Joseph says, scooping in another mouthful of breakfast. “We’re going to have two sisters! And name them Mommy and Daddy!”


Kayla is full-time journalist turned work-at-home editor. She lives among the Iowa cornfields, where she’s hitched to a shaggy-haired pastor and they’re smitten with two wild + free boys: Joseph (4) and Asher (2). Kayla sips strong coffee, likes pretty things, and believes there’s beauty in the broken. She writes about faith, motherhood, and style at Many Sparrows, encouraging women to find worth and live a story worth sharing.


    • Hannah says:

      Thanks for the comment Beth. I think it’s lovely. Chris and I have discussed about adopting in the future but I think we have things to iron out first – we have a house full already!

  1. angerawrrr says:

    I think my heart just exploded. This is gorgeous and the true meaning of family. I have a feeling I’ll end up adopting one day, and I hope it’s as beautiful as this.

  2. Alexandria says:

    I have always been a fan of adoption, when my husband and I first started talking about marriage I told him about my desire to adopt. It was important to me that he felt the same, and luckily he does. Great article.

  3. Lauren White says:

    I love hearing adoption stories! As my husband and I struggled to conceive, we often discussed adoption, but the cost of it is mind-blowing. I think adopting a child is such a beautiful thing and I know so many people who would love the opportunity to become parents by adopting!

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