DAY 13: Power Cut, Dissertation and Being Positive.

Yeah proper titles are a bit beyond me today so the date will have to do! I wanted to post yesterday but we had a power cut. Also CJ ended up using my MacBook so I couldn’t use his when I got home in case we needed the battery because of the power cut – does that make sense?!?!

I am in the process of reading Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer. I spent most of the morning reading and had so much fun just lazing in bed and reading – it’s the worst feeling that I have to go back to work tomorrow especially after last week where I just wanted to leave and not go back. CJ keeps saying that if I keep positive and ask God to keep the day good/positive then it will be but I did that on Thursday and it was twice as bad! I left the office twice to go to the loo and have a cry – it made me feel better for a little while but I felt rubbish over all.

CJ is the process of finishing his dissertation and I just wished he’d hurry up and get it finished so that we can spend time together. This evening is his first free evening and he’s going to the cinema with friends from church – I’ve been invited but he’s going to see Fast and Furious – why on earth would I want to see a film that’s been re-hashed and regurgitated for the fourth time.


  1. Suzie G says:

    Han i totally didn’t know how bad work is. Will definitely be praying for you.
    If you wanna share a bit more by email i’d love to pray!
    may be at church on sunday morning with my dad, in which case, see you then!

    • God's Rock Angel says:

      Hey Suzie!

      Thank you 😀 I will drop you an email in a little while (if not it’ll be in the morning!)

      See you Sunday maybe!


  2. David T says:

    power cuts are such a pain, I remember sitting in our back room with a car battery and a power inverter so i could still use the internet once when some builders cut through the mains cable to our street.

    I can’t live without electron flows

  3. Evan says:

    Second, the book I’m reading is called “The Batman Murders” I can’t write it in italics. Anyway, the book was published about five years before I was born.

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