April 16: Dear Blueberry – 29 Weeks


Dear Blueberry,

This week you’re on sort of our first holiday. With you arriving between half term and the Summer holiday we decided that we’d take our family holiday now at Easter instead and then Daddy and Our Sidekick would do day trips and things like that while you and me get the hang of each other.

You’ve been perfect when it’s come to sleeping, you haven’t really fidgeted and done most of the fidget during the day which is good. Between not being in my own bed and the noise in the building I haven’t slept amazingly but seeing how I’m still getting around 7 to 8 hours sleep a night anyway I should be grateful. Also by being on holiday rather than at work, napping mid afternoon is totally acceptable and easy to do.

I can’t work out if it’s where you’re sat or if it’s just a normal thing but I can’t make up my mind whether I’m hungry or not. And when I am hungry I usually don’t want what Daddy has cooked for me – oops! Tonight is curry and peshwari naan. I think it’s like a korma or something like that so it’s not going to be spicy at all. Have been trying to attempt little and often rather than three massive meals. Does mean I’ve probably ate far too much chocolate but I don’t think you mind lol.

Our Sidekick is still excited about your impending arrival. He’s been asking deeper questions with regards to what it feels like and will I forget what it’s like to deliver you…..I said that I think the end goal of holding you in my arms after carrying you around for 9 months will out weigh any pain from labour. He’s got all sorts of things planned like teaching you to ride a skate board and how to eat chicken the proper way (apparently Daddy and I have it wrong!)

I was asked by a lady at the SVR station at Kidderminster today how long I had left to go. 11 weeks until your due date. I have no idea if you’ll arrive on time or not, if you’re like me and Grandma you’ll be early and so it’s probably good that after this week I have 9 shifts left and then I’m on maternity leave and somewhere in all that I turn 28. What flavour cake shall we have baby?

You’re special baby in case you didn’t know I thought I’d tell you.

Love you Mummy.

Bye bye feet. Hello baby!!

Bye Bye Feet. Hello Baby

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