BEDA Day 21 and 22

Due to the craziness that has transpired over this weekend I will be having a combo post rather than separate.

Day 21

  • Started with a trip to Costco with The Kiwi.
  • Got there, had forgotten card, thank goodness for temp card
  • Got shopping realised that the amount of bread we needed for Fun Day was way too much and needed a second car.
  • The Stig comes to our rescue and drives from Bedford to MK while we finish shopping.
  • We get home and distribute the frozen food between various freezers and cold spaces.
  • Go back to Mums and flop, eat lunch and watch TV.
  • That Boy phones. The youth group are delayed will be back around 4ish.
  • Head into town to distribute flyers about the fun day.
  • Go back to Mums.
  • The Kiwi goes to her Aunts. I stay at Mums wrapping single slices of cake in cling film for the Jaffa Orchard stand.
  • Collect That Boy from church. Back to Mums.
  • TV time again – we catch the end of Made of Honour. (from the Scottish wedding til the end)
  • Watch more randomness and eat dinner.
  • Come home and sleep.

Day 22

  • Started the day around 7am. Alarm set to go off every 15 mins.
  • Get up and go to the site for 8:30am.
  • From then til 4pm I bounced from one thing to the next. My main job was to man the craft stand but at one point I ended up helping on the Face Painting and putting out a hose.
  • At 4ish the day started to wind down but there was tidying to be done.
  • We finished around 8 and went to Mums for dinner.
  • Around 10ish, get the last load from the car and the heavens openĀ – it doesn’t stop raining.

I would like to write more but I must sleep!

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