BEDA Day 8

I failed BEDA.

I claim extenuating circumstances. That Boy had to go to hospital yesterday afternoon for about four hours. We got home about 10:30ish and by the time we had some food, watched Sherlock and chilled out it was midnight and time to go to bed. So although the post won’t be yesterday I’ll post twice today and that will somehow balance out I think lol.

So yesterday, it started as normal we fell out of bed and headed for church as That Boy and the Murf were the main dudes for the service. Because it’s all age worship we are also having dramas and stuff like that – I was in the sketch yesterday morning which was good fun.

I had a chat with one of the guys at church who used to work at the uni when I was there. He gave me an update of some of the stuff that’s been happening around the department (or Division as it now seems to be called lol). Turns out my dance teacher is now engaged to her long term boyfriend which is really cool and some other not so good news.

The service went really well and it seemed like everyone enjoyed it (possibly more than last week). We dropped some bits of at a friends house then headed home.

The Kiwi was in full flow and sorted lunch for us – at first it was egg sandwiches but then something happened to the egg and lunch changed radically but was still yummy. We started watching The Boy In The Striped Pajamas but I had to go out – I left them watching it and from what I heard it was a proper tearjerker – The Kiwi was crying and I think That Boy had just welled up. (Having just read the synopsis omw I know why now!)

It gets a little more dramatic. At about 10 to 4 we take a break in the rehearsal and I start playing on my phone a text came in from That Boy along the lines of “I have chest pains from walking too fast” I then tried to phone him there was no answer – I kept trying in case he’d collapsed or something (yeah okay I know drama queen lol) Well after 7 calls in 10 minutes I was beginning to get a little irritated as well as annoyed. I decided that if he didn’t answer on the next call I was going to leave the rehearsal and go and find him. Well finally he answered and I gave him an ear bashing. He said his phone was on silent so he hadn’t heard it going off. Well that started ear bashing number two, why text me saying that you’re having chest pains and then not answer your phone. Anyhoo the conclusion was that he was okay to do what he was doing and that I could go back to the rehearsal.

I finished the rehearsal and popped to my parents on the way home as I had found a book at a garage sale that I thought my Dad might like. I’d left my phone in the car figuring that I’d be at my parents for less than 10 minutes if anyone called I’d ring back.

I was stood in the door way and Mum’s house phone started ringing. I answered the phone and That Boy gave me the run down that he’d been on the phone to NHS Direct and because of the chest pains they were sending an Ambulance. This is how quick this bit ran. The 999 call was placed at 1752 the ambulance drew up outside the house at 6pm Chris phoned me somewhere in that gap, as the ambulance went down the main road near my parents house we knew it was on the way because I heard the siren. I gave mum the run down of why there was an ambulance heading for my house and got in the car. (I think at this point I didn’t even say bye to Mum oops!)

I got home and there was a Rapid Response (or is First Response now) vehicle one side of the driveway and an ambulance parked up behind The Kiwi’s car on the road. I got out the car and the lady from next door stuck her head out the door to see if we were okay – I think I was a little rude to her but I really didn’t mean to be.

I got inside and That Boy was hooked up to an EKG machine with two leads, Lady Paramedic 1 (LP1) was in the process of sticking the other leads on to do a 12 lead EKG (yep I watch too much ER, Casualty, Holby City, House and Grey’s Anatomy so what?!)

His EKG was normal but he was still in pain so they consider that unstable and he was taken into A&E.

And that’s where we sat for about 3 hours lol. After getting That Boy into the ambulance LP2 asked LP1 if she wants the twinkles on. LP2 said no it wasn’t needed (yes okay I was disappointed at this I wanted the twinkles lol). We filled in the patient form thingy and That Boy kinda sat there just starring into space. I texted my manager to say what was happening and that I’d keep him posted (something along the lines of presume that tomorrow is normal until I call or see you in the office lol) I tweeted as well and Elle, Becca and Lizzie were there will tweets of concern – I didn’t really want to shout about it while we still didn’t really know what was happening so I emailed Elle and asked her to forward it onto Becca as I didn’t have her home email account address to hand. We then pulled up outside A&E and I had to go through the waiting room door to get That Boy booked in. I was then let through into cubicles.

All the staff who looked after That Boy yesterday evening were so lovely, the first nurse who dealt with us was winding up the cardiology nurse while trying to be serious doing the EKG again (This time with different sticky pads). The cardiology nurse decided that the EKG was clear and that the doctor would be along shortly to do a once over. We saw various nurses and doctors but the first nurse (with the amazing red hair!) and Nurse (she might have even been a Sister I’m not sure) Rachel (or Nurse Tourniquet at That Boy started calling her on the way home lol)

In the end our original Doctor finished her shift so had to hand over to a different Doctor. Well by the time Doctor 2 got to see us at about half 9 ish we were bored – we’d played I Spy – I even threatened to read Julie and Julia by Julia Powell to That Boy. Doctor 2 came in and made That Boy feel about 2 inches tall – he went on about how he was too young to suffer from heart disease and if there was anything wrong he would know about it and stuff like that. Well we’d been sat there for nearly 4 hours so the pain had subsided and That Boy was beginning to feel back to normal. So Doctor 2 discharged us and we went home.

The Stig and The Kiwi were just about to go for tea. They grabbed us some food as well and brought it back to our house where we all chilled out and watched the last part of Sherlock – when that finished it was 5 past 12 – I was shattered and blogging was well past my mental capacity lol.

So here is my post and although it’s a day late you can see why I didn’t post yesterday so although I have technically failed I claim my right to events beyond my control lol.


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    • Hannie says:

      I have seen about half way through but missed the end on Sunday. Going to watch the rest later this week.

      I agree about being careful – if we’d ignored it who knows what it might have been.

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