Cake Heals the Soul

We joke about cake making things better but cake actually did make things better.

Chocolate cake for the lovely old folks

Four years ago, I left my full-time permanent job. What was I doing next? Who knows! I had no new job to go to and everything I applied for I didn’t hear back let alone job interviews. When I left my job I don’t think I was 100% well. I think although not necessarily diagnosed my mental health and wellbeing was not in a good place. I was miserable, I struggled to get out of bed to go to work each day and when I was there the general level of tension in the place I worked was just making it horrible to be there for one reason or another.

Anyway, it was a case of wait and see in a way. That was the Thursday before Easter 2013. I decided to take “time off” over Easter and we’d start on the Tuesday after the Bank Holiday.

Cake Leads to a New Job

On Saturday, I had a call (or could have been a text) from my Mum. Her friend’s company’s new contract start date was being brought forward and they needed a kitchen assistant at least until the permanent team could start.

It was a slower pace but I still had something to get out of bed for (and be proud of) and was earning while looking for something more permanent which was great. When I was unemployed between jobs following university, I really struggled with not having anything to do. I would sleep late into the morning which in turn meant I was staying up later and later each night. It wasn’t good!

I was making cake and puddings for the old folks. I know that sounds sort of boring in a way but it healed my mental health and meant that when I did go into my new job I think I was better prepared. When I did start my new job I ended up bumping into an old friend. We ended up being on the same team which was even better! We could stick together and help each other out when needed.

So yeah cake heals the soul in more ways than one.