Currently…10th May

It’s almost 1am and I can’t sleep – like I’ve been staring at the ceiling and just switch off my brain. Which is why this is coming to you on a different day to normal. Well after writing for about five minutes I had to surrender and put my phone down because the bright light was making my eyes hurt.



With Season 3 of Scorpion currently airing on ITV on Saturdays, I went back and started at the beginning again between new episodes. It’s kind of funny that some bits in the earlier episodes are delivered in one way but when you see the later episodes you realise they actually almost meant something else.

I also caught up on Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds recently. I’ve even gone back to catch up with the episode of Pretty Little Liars that I haven’t watched yet.


I’ve been trying to read The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank before we go on our adventure to Amsterdam/Haarlem but I’ve still not got very far. I’ve also started reading Angelopolis by Danielle Trussoni after I was given it for my birthday. (Ooh another blog post idea there!)


All sorts. I was listening to Disney and Musicals on my way to collect Jaxon from Preschool today. Did have to stop myself from dancing along the road to a few of them!


I had gone back to Jaxon’s rainbow blanket but I think I might have to start another baby blanket – what is with these people who keep having babies! Haha!

Granny Squares for Baby Blanket


Excited but a little tense. I thought I was clearing things off my to do list before the weekend but I just keep gainging the instead.


There’ s all sorts of planning going on around these parts at the moment. Planning about new adventures as far as my business goes and what needs to get done before the Boys go on their Crazy Adventure!


The gorgeous weather! Where did all that sunshine today come from? It was sneaky!