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The West Wing (Season 6 and just started Season 7 this weekend – Have found other things to watch and have been out more this last week so haven’t got through quite as many episodes)
Who Do You Think You Are? (That was episode 4 this week)
The Great British Bake Off (Oh dear! Bingate!!)
Baby Einstein (with Jaxon of course!)

More blogs! Oh and car descriptions – we got a new car yesterday. It’s a long story to why we collected it on Sunday in the end but it’s lovely and shiny. It’s a hybrid so it’s really quiet and has an auto idle stop so when you’re at traffic lights and things like that it switches off to save fuel. It takes some getting used to but we’ll get there in the end!

Radio mainly, although in the new car currently it’s only my CD in the car so it’s that or the radio right now.

Christmas presents – again! Also started a WIP given to me by one of my friends, she had learnt to knit but then sort of gave up half way through a project, she’s given me the project she was on and I’ve frogged it to restart – I’m hoping I can sort it out for her and give it back as a finished project, Also while she’s signed off sick from work we might spend some time relearning how to knit but we’ll see how she’s doing because recovering is a higher priority. I’ve also dug out an older WIP that could do with being finished (And then I can use the needles on the project that was adopted from my friend as they will be easier than the long needles that came with the project.

All muddled up. A lot happened last week involving some rather crazy decisions. This one is definitely having to go into God’s hands because I think if I make the decision one way then I am going to need his strength in abundance to be able to achieve the goal and what’s being asked of me. If I try to do it in my own strength then I think I’ll either be living on caffeine to try and extend my days or I’ll be curled up in a corner having a meltdown!

The future in a way but we need God to show us the next steps after all he knows the plans he has for us (Jeremiah 29:11 definitely keeps coming to mine and the bit about the birds of the air don’t worry where their food come from).

Coffee dates with the ladies from church. We had our last coffee date of the Summer on Friday but hopefully we’ll be able to continue meeting during term time and organise stuff that we can all do in evenings around the ladies who work in schools or term time only jobs.
Still my family, on Saturday, the boys and I went for dinner at my Cousin and his wife’s house, They cooked a roast dinner for us and we took pudding – I had meant to be all domesticated and make a pudding but it didn’t go down like that and in the end we had to buy a pudding but it was still yummy and lovely to catch up. Our Sidekick also got to chat about Graphics and Animation to my cousin who studied Animation at University and has just completed a second degree in Games Animation or something like that.

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