Currently…7th September 


I’ve been working my way through random bits on Freeview and the odd YouTube videos. We ended up watching a couple of nature documentaries as they seem to be in the afternoons, there was one about penguins that was quite sad. It was all about Emperor Penguins and how they have to march miles and miles to get back to the sea while mum or dad look after the baby. It was really sad because the Mum made it back to the Dad and Baby after feeding, but when it was really cold she ended up in the middle of the huddle and overheated, she panicked and then it turned really sad. Like really really sad. The next bit was all about Rockhopper Penguins, which reminded me of Happy Feet even more especially when they were sneaking past the sea lions on the beach. I checked my data on my phone on Saturday and it turned out that I probably had enough data to watch the Strictly Come Dancing pairings show. I waited until Sunday (my data reset Monday morning) and then watched the important bits of the episode, like who’s dancing with who. I think Helen George from Call The Midwife will be pretty good (did you see her in the group dance she looked amazing!), it would be interesting to see if Ainsley Harriott is any good at Latin dances (also how he copes given how tall he is!). I’d like Anton to at least place higher than he has previously, it would be nice to see him finally win but who knows if that’ll happen!

It’s all sort of gone to pot. I received an advanced copy of a book called The Other Side of Silence, so I’ve been reading that rather than reading all the other books that I’ve started. It is a bit heavy given the topic is depression but it’s interesting seeing the perspective of someone who has been through it.

A mess again! We took part in the Jumble Trail yesterday but it’s meant that the house is full of debris. We’ve decided that we’re going to try and do a car boot sale next weekend rather than pack everything away which means we’re living in a bit of a pigsty at the moment which isn’t so good. I’ve been inspired into making my own Midori inserts. I’ve been mainly taking Moleskine books and cutting them down to fit into my Blue Midori while I decide what I want to do. I even drew out a planner based on the 019 insert. It works to a certain degree but I’ve found a printable by Wendaful that I’m going to try out – it’s currently still sat in a printed pile. I’m going to order a long (ish) armed stapler – In theory it doesn’t need to have that long a arm given that it’s about 11cm reach that it needs. I’ve been wondering about trying to create some of my own inserts from scratch but need help with the digital artwork side of things so probably need to draw them out and then get Chris to help me create them properly.

I’ve been attempting to eat more on plan, when that’s not always working I am trying to drink more water which so far has been working quite well – well actually a little too well!

Working On
A never shrinking to do list! Hopefully once the internet is back on I’ll be able to get back on track properly rather than feeling like I’m just treading water again.

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