Day 1263 (26th Oct)

Following the creation of the maze you asked our friend Mr Q to make a video to introduce the Maze – you played the video to me but you told me about what he does on the video so when we got to the end I just laughed rather than jumping.

Me and The Kiwi had been hanging out watching Merlin, The Mentalist and The Sarah Jane Adventures. When the meeting finished at church (which I should have been at! Doh!) I came to collect you and we went to get some food as you hadn’t had tea. We discussed serious things like finances then had a
debate over whether or not it was okay to have the sweet chilli dip without asking me. You came to the
conclusion that if I wanted it that bad I could get one out of the cupboard when we got home as we
had a spare in there. Then again we have a choice in the cupboard now as The Kiwi and My Bro collect a selection each time they go to the drive thru.

We then came home and carried on watching The Sarah Jane Adventures – I know it’s a kids show but it seems to run in opposition to Doctor Who so it continues the Sci-Fi in our lives lol.

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