DAY 2: Hatches, Matches and Despatches

Hatches: So no one I know has delivered a child recently but I put hatches because it’s now 3 days to my friend’s daughter’s birthday and she’ll be 1. She’s getting the hang of standing up with assistance and realising how different the world looks from standing up and sitting down but she hasn’t got to standing on her own or walking yet. I can’t wait for the day she starts walking as she’ll be chasing Abster and Lambkin before you know it!

Matches: Again not so much of the happening right now but 26 years ago today my parents got married. They got married at RP which is where me and CJ now go.

Despatches: If you are a regular reader then you would know that back in November my Grandma passed away. Today would have been her birthday. It’s a bit hard to know whether to happy that my parents are still married etc or be sad because my Grandma passed away.

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