Day 7 (Jan 7th)

What Did You Do Today?

Today was the end of a crazy week. The office I work in was closed down from Christmas Eve lunchtime through to the morning of the 4th January. So as you can imagine that was a lot of orders for me to get through and catch up with.

I work 9 to 5:30 and most days I take an hour lunch break so when you work out that my lunch breaks this week consisted of me getting my sandwich from the canteen and then eating it at my desk while reading emails or checking over the next order, you can see that I had a lot to do (I even stayed til 6:15pm on Wednesday to try and catch up some more – I think I may raise this in my appraisal hehe).

So I did four days and an extra bit, there are a couple of outstanding orders but they are for big items so they go on a different service and they are in the pile to do first thing on Monday.¬†Either way – I am getting there and hopefully we’ll be back on track by the beginning of next week.

Yesterday lunch time my manager had a phone call, her father had been admitted to hospital with suspected pneumonia. My heart leapt into my throat – he’s the same age roughly that my Great Grandma would be if she was still alive. I got an update from my manager this morning by text message – his doctors don’t think that he’ll make it through the weekend. I’ve lost a Grandma and a Great Grandma in the last two years ish and it hurts and I can’t even imagine losing my Dad – I don’t even want to think about it.

So yesterday and today it was just me and some assistance from my colleague. I was getting tied in a knot and really struggling at some points – I can deal with it normally but we were so behind I was stressed about that before I even dealt with everything else extra I had to do. Basically I was behind and I had to ask The Big Cheese for his help as I had about 10 minutes and needed to be in two places at once. I spent the rest of the afternoon working on catching up some more.

Around lunch time I chatted to JD via text about going to the cinema. In the end we had tea and went to the cinema. We had various choices that we wanted to see but in the end we saw this one. (Review to follow but I need to sleep now!)

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