Dear Monday

Joining with Megan from The Happy Day Blog. You can see her post here.

Dear Monday You were hard work this (well yesterday!) morning, I needed to get back in the swing of work post holiday.

Dear Sidekick/Third Musketeer I think I proper scared you when you got home because I swung open the kitchen door like I was going to yell at you and I didn’t we just discussed what was wrong and how to fix it in the future. We then celebrated the arrival of my new Filofax (Thanks to the giveaway that Caribbean Princess hosted)

Dear McDonalds why is a McFlurry so yummy but so epically bad for me (I’m trying to cut down calories and it’s kind of driving me bonkers but I’ve already noticed a little difference).

Dear Christmas Songs it’s November and I’m already singing you to practice for the Carol Service at Renhold. I’m excited and scared for that day because I’m doing the talk as well as being in the drama and singing – just a busy evening! (Is it too early to play Baby It’s Cold Outside – technically it doesn’t mention Christmas but it does include cold weather)

Dear Lakes I actually miss you already! I went on holiday to visit you and was so amazing by the vistas that I saw each day – now I’m back in the town and I want to be back in the country.

Dear The Great Escape I always wish that just a few more people got out alive and didn’t get taken back to the camp.

Dear Remembrance Weekend We missed the 2 minute silence on Friday and then again on Sunday as we were travelling, but I don’t forget those who have fought and are fighting for our countries.

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  1. cardiogirl says:

    Love. The. McFlurry! I always try to tell myself I’ll make that one of my meals to even out the calories but I never do. It’s always in addition to. Damn McFlurry.

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