December 10th

Okay so I know the date as a title is really boring but I’m writing this from the train so its going to be a bits and pieces post.

I was due to be going to see the South Oxhey Community Choir in Westminster with my friend and her Mum but my friends daughter (my Goddaughter) is poorly and they had to cancel. So I’m going by myself. At present we’re sat in Luton Airport Parkway stationary and St Pancras is the next stop I think. Nice quick service. I’ve got my phone charging so I’m in communication with the world lol. Also meant that I didn’t have to carry a reading book which is very unlike me!!

The gent next to me has dozed off.  I’m thinking I should poke him when we get to St Pancras just in case he doesn’t notice (well its the end of the route so he should notice lol). If you live in London would you commute out of the city to go to work? I know people do it the other way round but I just wondered.

Anyhoo. I am going to go now and will be back with more later.

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    • Hannie says:

      Yeah I’d consider commuting if it was a good enough job. I’d commute to London from Bedford for a job if it was good enough lol. The problem I had when I was looking for jobs was that they were paying the same or less than I am currently on and didn’t make the commute worth it. I need to be able to equal the same pay once I take away like £4K for a season ticket on the train.

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