February 19 (actually 21): Dear Blueberry – 21 Weeks


Dear Blueberry,

You have definitely got more of a fidget on this week. I sat watching TV on Tuesday and you were getting to the point of proper kicks, there was definitely more movement. I then sat in bed and I think you did it on purpose, I was watching my tummy to see if I could actually see any movement when you kicked, well of course about ten minutes after Daddy was asleep next to me you went nuts and kicked like three times in a row.

After the first time I grabbed my phone and videoed it because I decided that if I did wake him up you’d more than likely stop but if I didn’t then you would carry on. I sent him the video so that even if I wasn’t up he could see the video first thing in the morning. He thought it was funny that I had sent him a video of my tummy to start with then saw you kick and he was grateful that I’d taken the effort as well as grateful that I’d let him sleep.

Technically you turned 21 weeks on Wednesday but as your next scan is today (Friday) I decided to save the post for today.

I keep getting asked “are you going to find out if bump is a girl or a boy?” I kinda wanted to know so that I could get things and make things that were girl or boy specific. Daddy on the other hand wants to wait and see what you are when you’re born in the summer. So instead you have a multicoloured crochet blanket in progress and there is a dinosaur onesie that I think you might have to wear whether you’re a girl or a boy. I also saw a pair of train leggings for small babies today – wondering if I can get away with those if you’re a girl. Well your Grandpa S loves trains and has rubbed off on me, and Daddy loves the Underground and has also rubbed off on me, kid, it might not be safe around here so get used to it transport museums could be on the cards as you get older!

Anyway, Daddy has taken Big Brother out for breakfast this morning as we all have the day off between school holidays and days off work, I really ought to get dressed before they come home and tell me I’m being lazy or something like that!

So I got up and got dressed and all four of us went to the hospital for the scan.

According to the midwife it’s all good. That’s four perfect chambers of the heart, two arms, two legs, two kidneys, functioning stomach and bladder. Healthy size head, legs and abdomen. Good good!

20140221-030232 pm.jpg

Chris also snapped this one of me as my friend in Australia requested an updated bump picture.

20140221-114354 pm.jpg
Love you lots little one.

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  1. Hannah says:

    How did I miss this comment? It didn’t notify me and I just found it by chance now (hence why it’s taken me like a week to reply!). I think at first I just thought Chris was being stubborn – in that way that boys can be! But the more people ask me do we know or do we want to know, I just keep saying “No we’re waiting” or something along those lines.

    I have a dinosaur onesie that I was given by a friend, whether we have a girl or a boy I’m going to put them in it as it’s super cute and why should dinosaurs just be for boys???

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