#FountainGaming (Part 2)

Following my post last night I stayed at church until 2am then decided it was time for me to go home rather than risk falling asleep at the wheel. I got home and booted up my Mac – I stayed online till about 3am then it was time to crash.

At first I slept through til 9am and thought about getting up and being productive but alas I fell asleep again and next thing I knew it was 10 to 12. I sat around and read for a bit then logged back onto the stream. Our internet wasn’t that great and it kept cutting out – didn’t quite beat actually being in the room. I guess I’m kinda live blogging the event lol.

I’m sat here now Rikki is playing Crash Bandicoot, I’m not sure what Becca is playing as I’m sat in the wrong place at the moment, it looks like Sonic but I’m not entirely sure. We’re aiming to hit £400 by the end of the time, if we hit £1000 then Rikki will have his head shaved or Becca will be pelted with balloons with random concoctions inside them (so angel delight, water, milk etc).

You can find out more at The Fountain website or you can watch the live feed on the JustinTV channel.

Also if you’re on Twitter you can follow @fountainbedford or just look for the hashtag #fountaingaming.

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