Friday Five – Swap-Bot Tag

1. What was your first swap?
A newbie swap! SMP295 was my partner and I got a 5 rating. That was back in August. This was cool because my partner shares birthdays with me.

2. What has been your favourite swap so far and why?
Recycle Something into a Purse – I loved making this. I had a pair of jeans and had lost some weight so I no longer fit them as they were falling down lol. So I came to the conclusion that I was going to make the jeans into a bag. I went onto Swap-Bot to see if there was a swap so that I could make it for someone – they were one of my favourite pairs of jeans and I wanted to hang onto them but I have so many bags that I didn’t need another. So I set about making the bag for the swap – there were quite a few pockets on the jeans so I tried to use all of them. There was also a tartan patch that my Mum had sewn into the bottom where I had worn the denim down and then managed to rip a hole in them. So the bag was posted to my partner in Canada and there was a definite history to her bag.

3. What has been your least favourite and why?
Back in October I was involved in a swap and my first partner gave me a 5 rating and the second partner kicked up a really horrible stink about how my ATC’s sucked and how they were really poor quality. Now I’ve only been making ATC’s since about August so of course some are better than others – I make some and think I’ve done a good job then I receive mine from my partners and get worried that I haven’t done so well.
4. What have you tried for the first time as part of a swap?
ATC’s were my new thing back in August, it’s a real shame that there isn’t like a definitive guide to how to make ATC’s. It took me scouring the Swap-Bot Forums and googling different phrases to find a way.

5. What would be your fantasy swap?
I don’t really know what my fantasy swap would be I like Ellie’s Idea at Little Wanda Crafts. The whole swapping lives and going to somewhere else! I would go to MA and meet my PenPal Kelly and her son.

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  1. Ellie says:

    That was just mean about the ATC’s. I received some photo one’s that weren’t very good, but she was a newbie and quite elderly – I would not have dreamt of kicking up a fuss!

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