Friday Five – Surviving The Christmas Season

Today I received an email telling me that I had a comment on my blog – from Ellie (who I also received my first Christmas card from about a week or so ago! My second arrived today which was to me and Chris from Chris’s Auntie Kate – who is lovely – she’s the trendy auntie lol).

Anyhow so my Friday Five – Surviving the Christmas Season

New Year Resolutions

1. It’s not really a surviving point but it does make sense. Something I hated at school was each year in English after Christmas you had to write a list of resolutions – like it was some big reading comprehension. I never made any resolutions – I never saw any point – Whats the point in trying to make a change that you’ll have dropped again by February.


2. Stock up on tissues and cold relief – a few years back I had really bad flu which reached its peak on Christmas Day. I got up in the morning opened my presents started watching my brother playing playstation next thing i knew it was lunch time – I had slept all morning. I barely ate anything and then slept all afternoon – Christmas kinda sucked that year but I loved my presents all that more because I didn’t see them that much on Christmas day.

3. If you have that present that Great Aunt Mildred bought you thinking you might like it put it away on top of the wardrobe or somewhere like that – it can always be re-gifted. My Mum has a box that used to live on top of my wardrobe – it had little presents that my mum had picked up in sales or the odd present that she’d been given and didn’t like or really didn’t have a use for. She’s always grateful for her presents but often thinks they should go to a loving home rather than gathering dust in her posessions – if you get me.

4. And last but certainly not least remembering the real meaning of Christmas – You ask most children and they think that Christmas is about Santa (I feel another post coming on! Bare with!) Presents and lots of Turkey! But actually it’s not. 2007 ish years ago a Baby was born to a girlie called Mary and a Man called Joseph. He was to be the saviour of the world.

Chris my husband has been playing the Angel Gabriel in the Nativity this week (and my ex-dentist was a Wise Man which was even more worrying!). I went to see it on Wednesday with Mow Mow and Mrs C (and their little Boy) which was really cool.

And my Crazy point:

Since I was born (and possibly since my parents were married back in 1983( yep 25 years next April! Rock On!) my family have always gone to Grandma and Grandad B’s on Boxing Day – without fail. Even two Christmas’s ago when Grandma was still in recovery from her stroke rather than going before lunch we went after so that she didn’t have to stress about cooking a roast dinner with the trimmings for 10 people (Yep! Me, Rich, Mum and Dad, Auntie and Uncle, Joey and Tubi, Grandma and Grandad).

Anyhoo this one particular year (I guess Tubi must have been still a sparkle or was very young) me Rich and Uncle Paul had been messing around all the way through Boxing Day tea (it’s a tradition to mess around because it’s one of the few days you can actually misbehave at least a little bit without being told to act your age rather than your shoe size!) So anyway we’re messing around and it gets to dessert – another family tradition is that we always have squirty Cream (for those who don’t know it’s a kinda of whipped cream that comes in like an aerosol can (of sorts) you push the button on the top and it squirts the cream out hence the name squirty cream) . This particular year it had got very silly and i think Richard aimed the squirty cream at my Uncle and caught his finger on the button causing the cream to squirt out the end and across the table – my Uncle dodged the flying cream and it hit the curtain behind him. My grandma was not impressed – she did see the funny side but was not happy about it (if that makes sense).

Erm ok I need to tag some peeps just bare with…….

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Ok so I got to three and now I am flunking out as I am going to craft club to make lots of cards and bits i think

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