Things I'm Grateful For

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I had meant to post this on Friday (As the button says!) but by Friday, I was shattered – we had Holiday Club over at Cardington every evening last week and so I came home, ate and then pretty much went straight to bed!

1. I am grateful that there is a holiday club – it’s hard work and it means that for one week of the school holidays life goes a little bananas but it means that kids hear about the gospel and that’s the main thing. This time we focused on Joseph. I’ve heard the story probably hundred times (And more than that as Joseph and His Technicolour Dreamcoat is one of my favourite musicals!) but it was interesting to hear it again. It was Jaxon’s first holiday club, he was fine on the Monday evening but then he was so fascinated by what was going on around the room that he wouldn’t sleep on the other days.

2. I am grateful for unexpected coffee dates with friends, my gorgeous friend Emma works in a local school so coffee dates during term time get a little complicated (and might have to become dessert dates in the evening or maybe a cake date while watching #GBBO), anyhoo, I posted on Facebook to see if anyone was free for a coffee date on Thursday and we ended up at Coffee with Art in the High Street. It could be my new favourite behind The Fountain – then again the decor in Coffee with Art could make it my new favourite – look at the staircase and this bit behind the counter.

Book (Stair)Case
photo 2

3. I am grateful for my Mum – while at holiday club she was really helpful when it came to helping me with Jaxon (some how she did that and ran crafts in our group and all sorts!) and on Saturday when I was poorly and had to go to the out of hours doctors she was lovely, she took me to the appointment and waited in the waiting room with Jaxon while I went in.

4. I am grateful for my Dad who took me out on Friday when I needed to run some errands and couldn’t really do it myself as I can’t drive at the moment.


    • Hannah says:

      The staircase is fab isn’t it? I’d love one like it in my house – then again my husband is all for the minimalist kind of thing so it probably wouldn’t work. He keeps saying how he’ll have a whole house that is minimalist and super tidy apart from one room which can be mine to be messy and creative in lol. I don’t mind that idea but he has to be prepared that he might not see me!

  1. Ashley says:

    Thanks so much for linking up! 🙂 And that staircase is amazing! I’d love to have something like that in our house. I don’t even have that many books, but it’s beautiful!

    • Hannah says:

      You’re welcome I love joining in. I’d probably have to try and get a job lot from a charity bookshop or something like that if I wanted to build it!

  2. anastasia says:

    wow cool staircase – its so great to write down what we are grateful for.. we all need to remind ourselves how lucky we really are and what we shouldnt take for granted.

    • Hannah says:

      You’re so right! There’s so much rubbish going on around the world that you have to remember what you’ve got going for you rather than against you and sometimes it’s little things like having clean running water or being able to go to the supermarket and get the food that you need for the day/week.

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