I May Have Found a New Favourite!

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So apart from the fact that I am in the UK and most of the sellers are in the US. Etsy is like one of my favourite sites. Last night courtesy of a tweet on twitter. (I’m not sure if it was this exact tweet but it was very similar lol!)

Anyhoo so I ended up having a look at this shop and I fell in love lol. Ok maybe a little over dramatic there!

I’m still semi short of a present for my Mum and it seemed like a fab idea unfortunately I’ve left it too late to be able to ship one to the UK before Christmas. But anyhoo Katie is awesome and she rocks! My Favorite bits on her shop are either these notecards or the notepad.

So once again her shop is here and her website is here. (She also blogs too! Talk about multitalented fab-ness) Now go check it out!

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