I Hate Being Ill! (AGAIN!)

Being Ill

I hate being ill!
I really do!
A after I got back from Amsterdam I had to take a day off work as I was really ill. I had this stinking cold that had made me feel even worse for another two weeks. I ended up going to the doctors and they put me on antibiotics to try and get the bug to clear up. They started to work but then I had to prescribed stronger ones because the first lot of antibiotics had only cleared up part of the infection.
Last Friday I went to Grapevine which good fun but by Saturday Evening/Sunday Morning my throat had started to hurt. I was going to be ill again. Being ill sucks! I thought that it was a combination of how warm it was in the day versus how cold it was getting at night. So I’ve got to today my throat still hurts, my nose is half running, and my head feels like someone has wedged lots of cotton wool in my ear. I was trying to sing along to the radio earlier and I was almost tone deaf – my head is that bunged up – most of the time I can hold a tune.
We arrive back from Grapevine about 3 ish and then Chris packed his rucksack so that he could take the trip to Amersham to start the Tube Challenge. Combined this with being ill and I didn’t want him to go to London for the day.


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