#Ironbridge2014: Day 3 (April 15th)

Our Adventure to Ironbridge

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Today’s main visit was to Blists Hill. It is walking distance from the YHA we’re staying in but it is a steep uphill climb so I ended up driving and the boys walked to meet me there.

Our passport for the Ironbridge museums meant that we didn’t have to wait for the queue at entrance as we could go through like a fast track go. The first bit is an introduction video – with so many people coming through the video had started before we got in so it was silly staying for the beginning when we’d already seen the end.

We started our day at the bank. The exchange rate is set at Blists Hill I think it worked out that we got 40 new pence to a Victorian old pence. I thought i had just about got the hang of it until we got to one of the little shops and I got all in a muddle!

Made a cash withdrawal at the bank
In the Chemist there was a little office for the dentists at one side and a cabinet and bits for the opticians. Our friend from church is a dentist and we joked that it was his new office.

The Murf's New Office
We didn’t get to have a go on the carriage but these beautiful Shire horses were working their socks off pulling the carriage along the Main Street and giving people rides. Our Sidekick kept commenting how big they were so I showed him a picture of a Shire horse next to a Shetland pony. That really proved the point then!

Beautiful Shire horses
For lunch we had fish and chips and sat along the Old Canal (which is somehow the same bit that than outside YHA Coalport where we’re staying. The chips were cooked in beef fat – they were yummy but you can guarantee that they were most definitely not Slimming World friendly lol. We did a massive chunk of walking so it’s no surprise that I managed to hit 10k steps on my FitBit. I think that makes the new target around 11k. Then again given that I came home and had a nap (unintentionally!) clearly I may have overdone it. Oops!

After Blists Hill we popped into Telford to go to the supermarket as we needed a tray for the pasta bake that I was making for dinner. Chris and I went for a walk around the shopping centre. I bought a new handbag as the popper on my Fatface one that I’ve been using for two weeks ish to make sure that I don’t carry too much. I bought a black cross body one with lots of pockets and hopefully it should be okay to work at least until we get home if not longer. Give it 11 weeks and my handbag will resemble a changing bag so for now it’ll work for me I’m sure.

Following dinner back at the hostel, Chris and I played Jenga and I won which was insane. Then we played Scrabble. I was winning for nearly the whole game until about 5 turns from the end then Chris over took and left me for dust! Our Sidekick then somehow ended up playing Chris at Scrabble. I ended up being the dictionary to assist him. I think we got it to about 24 points between them which when I was closer to 30 behind Chris clearly Our Sidekick and I are a good team.

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