#Ironbridge2014: Day 5 (April 17th)

Our Adventure to Ironbridge

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Today wasn’t around Ironbridge or the local area. We went on a trip to Birmingham. Our Sidekick has an interest in fashion and shopping so we had a day trip to The Bullring at Birmingham. I’ve been in the past but it was a fleeting visit on the way to catch a train back to Milton Keynes.

Best find of the day was parking. There’s a pay and display opposite Birmingham City University campus on Curzon Street. When we parked it was £3.50 for the day, if we’d been parking after 11am this would drop to £2.50 for the whole day. Don’t think I know anywhere that cheap in Bedford for he whole day let alone in a city.

We started in Selfridges as that was the end we came in. The boys were lovely and let me have a potter round Paperchase before we started off properly.

I bought a cuddly monkey for Blueberry in one of the baby shops. It was a little more than I wanted to pay for a baby toy but if it’s his/her first and it’s from Chris and I, I figured a little bit more was okay. I have the doll that my parents gave me when I was young and Chris has the teddy that his parents gave him too. Current challenge is what to name the monkey. My friend Lily recommended Simia as it’s Latin for monkey. I’m not convinced but it might grow on me. What do you think?

Monkey - is it a girl or a boy? What should we call it?

The Bullring itself had plenty of seats and benches around the place but as we got closer to New Street Station and Pavilions there were less and less seats. I know, I know what kind of crazy lady tries to walk that far in one day at 29 and a half weeks pregnant!!

We went back to the hostel for an hour or two to chill out then went out for dinner.

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