It’s my blog!!!

I’m happy or comments i really am but when you rant about the colour scheme and not the content I know something is wrong.

I’ve had this design fo about a year and in the last two weeks ish I’ve had two comments telling me how much the colour scheme sucks and that a 6 year old could have done it. Now my cousin is 7 an I know that he wouldn’t be able to design websites that’s for sure.

Chris spend two or three afternoons designing and tweaking the design so it sat right with pictures and videos.

I would consider toning down the colours but then it wouldn’t be my blog – it would be someone elses. If you met me in person you’d see that I live in colour.

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  1. Hannah says:

    Hi Alex!

    Long time no comment! I know what you mean about the epiletic fit – either that or an attack on the eardrums! lol.

  2. Alex Fear says:

    Your colour scheme is not to my tastes but it’s not bad. The colours are consistent and it’s readable.

    I prefer real blogs to MySpace as some My Spaces really are epileptic fit inducing, just absolutely horrible.

  3. jullie Dodds says:

    Wow a colour scheme is part of your personality as such you neither have to defend nor apologize.
    It is you and i like it personally it is easy to read etc and bright and alive.
    The people complaining need to get a life.
    I am from swap bot thanks for my visit

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