Just a little moan

I don’t tend to moan and whinge on my blog because I know that my life is a whole bunch easier than the people around me but today I really want to moan and rant about stuff because I don’t know what I’m doing or where I’m going.

I don’t dislike my job I just think I am getting bored with it. I spend every day in front of a computer answering the phone answering emails and fulfilling orders. I don’t mind it because I set myself personal goals – how many orders did I do yesterday? Let’s see if I can do 5 more today.

But I don’t want to be here for years and years or anything like that. I was given an opportunity at church. I could go back to university and study to be a children’s worker but with all the house stuff ideally at the moment I need a job to support that idea – I need 48 hours in a day so that I can go to work to pay the bills but also go to college to study.

Then again maybe I am on the wrong track and my prophesy wasn’t about studying – maybe I’m going to be an Admin peep in the office at the university or something like that. (As I sit here I feel like I’m going to burst into tears and have no idea why – there is just this gigantic lump in my throat and my hands keep getting the shakes – that’s not good lol).

The sales guys in my office often talk about how little they like the foreign travel part of their jobs. I know the novelty would kind of wear off after a while but I want to do the travel bit can’t I just go once and prove how good I am etc. But no not now, I am here behind my desk succumbing to my worries and stresses.


  1. Liggy says:

    Don’t feel so bad…the majority of us are in jobs that are not necessarily our dream jobs either. Many of us I believe just land our jobs out of luck or out of necessity. As long as you know that your job, no matter how small you believe it is, contributes to the business you work at, you know you’re doing your part to keep our worldwide economy moving. Wow, that sounded deeply philosophical, didn’t it? LOL!

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