LittleWanda rocks my socks!

Ok so I have bigged her up in the past but now Kelli has confirmed this on Swap-Bot. (That links takes you to the front page this takes you to the Forum Post) I love the community at Swap-Bot – Little Wanda lives the other end of the country to me and yet I would say that she’s a good friend – we haven’t really known each other for a long time but she’s friendly and generous.

Sometimes people have to go on there and post about Questionable Swappers but I think it’s great to see people praising other swappers for the effort that they put in.

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  1. Ellie says:

    Hannah, you are too kind! I’m blushing now. I do feel like we are good friends even though we haven’t known eachother long. How perfect is that.

    Thank you for my Christmas card. I’ve been wondering what Friendship Books are and now I know! I’ve added FB’s to my to-do list for swapbot in 2008.

    How did your work party go?

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