{Love Bomb} Mission: Gregory – homeless artist (with his cat)

I haven’t posted the Love Bomb mission in a while but today’s one really got me. I love knitting it’s actually becoming one of my favourite-est hobbies in the world.  Here’s the mission:

Today’s mission is a really interesting one, and I don’t think I’m gonna ramble on here at all. I’ll just let Liz, the team member who sent in the nomination, do the talking.

I would recommend a really amazing guy…Gregory Patrick. I discovered him on Etsy. I have a little shop selling handmade purses and I came across his lovely little knit bears and purses one day as I was looking around. I then found that he had a blog and went over to check it out. To my amazement and dismay, this great knitting artist, with a heart of gold, has been constantly facing homelessness for the past year. He seems to find temporary places to stay, but with Etsy being his only income he never seems to find a home he can afford to keep for very long.

In his blog, I have read about his heartbreak, loneliness and his constant hope for something more permanent and secure. He always speaks from the heart and I know that he just wants a chance to grow his knitting business, live peacefully with his cat Mario and just keep spreading love with his adorable knit bears. I think an outpouring from Love Bomb would be a amazing surprise for Gregory and such positive energy would only help him to keep moving forward against the tough times he keeps encountering.

Let’s give him a boost on his most recent post here. Just a note – these comments are moderated, so we may not see them instantly, but let’s give it a shot anyway – it’s such an interesting story – very different for us.

Time to drop a Love Bomb, friends!

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