Monday Monday

I think I may have already posted under that title before but there you go.

It’s Monday – again lol. Well at least first Monday at my new job so I think thats something to celebrate isn’t it?! I have lasted three days so far which is good!

I had to chase hotels this morning – why is it soooo difficult to send an invoice either by email or fax – preferably email because then there is only one copy – the one that goes to accounts as proof rather than the one that was put in the fax machine and the one that appeared my end.

Anyway – how do you remain chilled when you want to shout at them?

Chris has asked me nicely if I will make him an angel costume. He was collared into playing the Angel Gabriel – I am thinking whole hog – Tinsel on his head for a halo and some description of wings. I just need to get hold of a sheet and get on with it.

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