I sat at work today considering what to write about when I got home. 

Thanks to Angelika I found the blog of Carol which is called Bass-iscally Speaking. She’s a musician (specifically a guitarist from Texas, USA.

She writes about stuff for musicians rather than just about bands etc. How cool! (and this is why she rocks!)

Her recent post that I read earlier was about band practices and bringing songs to the table to discuss them. In her words…..


Each member brings 10 songs they would like to do to the table.  The band’s leader (please tell me you have a leader…it can be the guy whose house you rehearse in, or the frontman…somebody, okay?)  compiles all the songs onto one sheet, mixing them up a little so members aren’t always certain who submitted what.  (That way the drummer doesn’t leave a song on the list just to avoid upsetting the bassist or something. It’s never good to have your rhythm section planning each others’ assassinations, right?)

The compiled list of song titles is passed around the table a pre-determined number of times.  So, if there are five members in the band, you’ll start out with 50 songs.  Let’s say the goal is to whittle the list to 20 songs.  You need to nuke 30 titles, so send the list around 6 times.  (Woah. That was a lot of math.  ouch.)

Each time the list goes around the table, each person crosses off one song.  If they’re smart, it will be the song they would most hate to play. You may need to fill your drummer in on this little tidbit.

When everyone’s done, the most hated songs will be off the list, so it is safe to assume only the favorites and those that nobody really minds playing all that much are still standing.

The band starts learning those songs.

 I love this idea! We spend so much time commenting about the songs that we don’t like but never do anything about it so maybe I need to suggest this idea to the people in the band that I’m in. 

I was going to include some info about my musical background and the instruments I play but I will need to do that in my next post as I am supposed to be at a meeting in 15 minutes at church! 


Han =D


  1. Tough Girl Kat says:

    Hey, I know you’ve commented on my blog before and I’ve never gotten around to figuring out where your blog was! Now that I’ve found it, I love it. You make me wish I still did music.

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