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(Just to point out the Cousins and Aunties refered to are CJ’s not mine!)

So I couldn’t post anything on the way home as I managed to put my phone in the boot of the car when we loaded stuff before leaving Auntie K’s house.

We got to CJ’s parents at about 10:15 (as planned apparently). CJ first rang at 9:40 ish when we left our flat, then he called again when we were about 10 minutes away so that my SIL and FIL knew to be ready to leave when we got there.

We arrived at my In Laws and had to hover for a few minutes while my MIL got the bunnies out in their runs (just in case they ran off around the garden.)

Then we got in the car and I was reluctant to sleep in the car because I’d only been up about 45 minutes. So I wrote that blog post in the car.

We were running early so my FIL pulled over at a Factory Outlet store in Bury St Edmonds. (I’m not really sure how to get there so I doubt I’d be going again just yet!) While I was there I bought some new gloves and some hair clips. I also grabbed a drink because I was thirsty but when I got back in the car it had passed again lol (was a bit of a bargain really all those bits for under £3).

We arrived at Auntie K’s about an hour later which was right on time. (Later on it was a running joke that we had been early as my FIL is nearly always running late for one reason or another (maybe my annoyance at running late has rubbed off on CJ and then the family lol – woah freaky moment of deja vu!)

Before lunch we exchanged christmas presents – me and Chris receive a posh pen each – they are little ones that you can put in your pocket and then use on the move and stuff like that – I’ll probably keep mine with my diary.

We then had lunch – It was interesting as it was home made beef stew – unfortunately I don’t like beef. My lunch mainly consisted of  potatoes and carrots I think! I had pudding but other than that there wasn’t a lot! I had pudding which was one bowl of Boudle’s Fool (or something like that) and the other was a chocolate raspberry cheesecake thing that was lush! I had cream on mine but it didn’t stay on the top of the portion because of the cocoa it just slid off the top! lol.

So that was lunch. This afternoon we then played various board games including Articulate!  (my record was describing 6 objects in one go! My favourite category was World but we always seemed to get Random or Object) and Beyond Balderdash (this was a bit of a challenge although I got the instructions once we were playing it was wrong.) Then it was tea time already, how did we manage to get from lunch to tea so quickly!

We had little nibbly bits for tea – we had ham sandwiches which were lovely! We had mini chocolate eclairs and fruit cake for pudding – again it was lovely! So what I missed at lunch I caught up with at tea lol.

After tea there was a horrible argument (so much I ended up say in the hallway with the door closed – I didn’t wanna be part of the argument – as Kewey will tell you I hate confrontation – it gets me in a twist and “upsets” me. I was sat in the hallway and Auntie K came into the kitchen followed by her best bud/long term house mate, we had a chat but then CJ and FIL arrived in the kitchen as well and the disagreement just kinda changed room. I moved again and stood down the hallway outside the bathroom (it’s a bungalow and there bathroom is at the opposite end of the house from the living room and kitchen.)

Auntie K came to talk to me and we made a decision that we’d stop the negativity and the arguments and play some more games. I think it put Auntie G on edge as I burst through the living room door and *loudly* said  “Come on girlies! Let’s play the Prize Game!!!!”. It was very funny as SIL got excited as well!

It’s an interesting game that means that most of the time you win a prize it just depends on your preference to whether you have a good prize or bad prize.

We left Auntie K’s at about 10ish so we were back in Bedford about 10:30. We went to the supermarket for fuel on the way home and I was good and checked the tyres before leaving the forecourt! (My Dad would be chuffed that I did it!).

So then I came home and started on this blog post. I sat on Facebook for a little while where my friend was discussing Monty Python.

While I write this post I’m watching Jonathan Creek. I remember watching the original series with my Mum and Dad on a Sunday evening. (Why do these girlies wear such stupid high heels! Trainers are easier to tiptoe and run in and make less noise don’t they??)

Anyhoo so now it’s bed time. Jonathan is wrapping up in the background and my bed is calling me lol.

I am off out for most of the day tomorrow and will be hanging out with Mr and Mrs C, along with the kids. Tomorrow is my last day off as I go back to work on Monday. I don’t mind holidays but going back to work is a little downing especially on a Monday. Makes the monday blues all that bit worse lol.

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