So I haven’t blogged in a few days and I feel a little bad – I would love to blog more but WordPress is awkward on iPhone – if I could get my head round post by Email on here I would be posted like very time I got bored at work.I keep wondering about how I can get more readers whether to write about films or music or something like that. But for now I have my Bank Holiday Weekend to talk about till I am slightly blue. (Is it strange that I keep pressing space bar twice?!? If you press space bar twice on your iPhone it finishes the sentence and puts in a full stop for you.)So it started Friday Night when I got home from work. Chris was off organising the world to take on Hope on The Streets. I can’t actually remember what I did the rest of Friday evening – I think I may have gone to Mum’s but I’m having this like brain fog and can’t think. We’ll move on to Saturday – makes life easier.Reusable Bag ready for actionSo Saturday morning I got up and got stuff sorted ready to leave my house and head for my Sister-In-Law’s house to pick her up – I was just about to leave when the mail arrived. I went through it quickly to see if there was anything interesting – there was a swap from Ozrob. I opened the package and put them into my rucksack to take them with me to Cambridge. The lady in the Disney Store was really impressed that we were using reusable bags rather than carrier bags. I was chuffed too – I always make the effort to take them with me but often forget to actually use them or take them out of the car. So by putting them in my bag before leaving the house meant I had them with me.Cambridge was good – the weather was lovely! While we were in Cambridge, we went to H + M I bought a new jumper and a shirt – while we were there Rachel picked out a jumper that I purchased for her – it’s for her birthday which is two weeks tomorrow.We were in Cambridge till about 3pm then got the bus back to the Park n Ride at Cowley Road. I took Rachel back to her parents house and I went to give Marion her rubber duck that we bought her earlier in the day at Evolution. (Her Bathroom has lots of rubber ducks and other ducks of various different persuasions.)  She wasn’t feeling great so she was having a lie down but we don’t see each other very often so she was cool for me to go say hi.

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