My Weekend

Man this weekend was crazy – I knew it was going to busy but it was super busy lol.


So after the crazy week I had decided that actually having a lie in would be the best option so that I was nice and rested for today when I did Race For Life. However my neighbours had other ideas and started the lawnmower at like 9:15am, how rude lol!

I’d had a text from my friend about going to the cinema with her and my Goddaughter. So I replied a second time saying that actually I would get up and meet them at the cinema. We went to see The Princess and The Frog. I don’t think my Goddaughter really like it as some of the characters would be a little scary to a small child.

After the cinema I came home and flopped in a heap. I have two favourite chairs that I often flop in. When we get our new sofas I’d like to buy my own comfy chair to curl up in. You know the kind that you bury yourself in to watch your favourite DVD or read your favourite book – do you have a chair like that?

The Kiwi came and sat with me in the living room and we talked about the lawnmower and whether it would be worth getting a new one (The one we have was a second hand that a family friend was getting rid of – it does work but it’s too heavy and it take too long to cut the grass.) So we discussed the two that were in the catalogue and weren’t too expensive and we came to a decision. I think That Boy was a little annoyed that we’d made the choice without him but due to the price (it was reduced from the catalogue price once The Kiwi got to the store) and the fact that we’d cut the grass out the back and the front (and I’d done the edging lol) so it couldn’t really complain because it saved him doing it lol.

After all that hard work we decided to grab some cake and park in front of the TV with a nice girlie DVD. We ended up watching Sense and Sensibility. We also discussed how it’s really funny – Emma Thompson is nearly 15 years older than Kate Winslet and yet at that time they look like the perfect pair to be sisters. (In 1995 Thompson would have been in her early 30s maybe and Winslet was 20)

Following our DVD session, That Boy decided that we’d go out for tea – I also suggested going to the cinema to either see Toy Story 3 or Shrek Forever After. We invited The Stig and The Kiwi but they were both busy doing other bits so they decided against coming.

We went for pizza which was lovely and then headed to the cinema. We ended up watching Toy Story 3 due to the showing times.

Toy Story was great – it was kinda sad in places and happy in others – my friend told me to take the tissues – I didn’t need them but it was like closing a chapter lol. Toy Story 1 and 2 were part of my childhood and me growing up.


Today was the day lol. Last year after our friend was diagnosed with Cancer we decided to do Race For Life.

Then earlier this year we decided to do it again. We signed up and got on with our sponsorship lol.

We decided to move towards the flag before we were technically asked to move so that we would be nearer the front. We crossed the start line about 5 minutes after the start of the race and I timed us on my phone as we went round. (I also tweeted lots on the way round.)

We finished at 59.46 – this was about 5 minutes quicker than we did it last year which is really exciting. My Uncle was stood with my Dad and my cousins and shouted to us that we should run the last little bit so I did. Mum did stick with me then told me I was running too fast lol. I tried to slow down the but it was just funny because walking would have been faster lol. In the end I crossed the finish line just before Mum so turned round and waited for her just after the finish line.

My Dad took a photo of us with our medals (will post when I have it) I think he was really proud that we did it and was chuffed that we’d finished quicker. He was there taking pictures and cheering us on.

After doing the race, we dropped Mum at home then I nipped home for a change of clothes and a hi speed shower – me and dad then went back to Mum and Dad’s for lunch. We watched Extreme Home Makeover and ate pizza and garlic bread for lunch – I also had couscous with my pizza.

After lunch we went to my parents church to help set up for holiday club – we were then there all afternoon so that we could stay for the commissioning service – at the moment they have an expected group of about 10 but are praying for more to come.
(If you live in Bedford or the surrounding area and would like information drop me a message)

Following that we then came home and I just crashed in a heap – my legs are killing me and are really achey. I really am kinda worried that I’ll get up for work in the morning and not actually be able to walk lol.

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