NaBloPoMo: Day 24: The One With The Girls

I love my Tuesday evenings at the moment. We’ve been working our way through a book called “For Such A Time As This” I think I have blogged about it before – this week it was about having a purpose – well I have no idea what mine is. I guess at the moment it’s possibly to be a light in the company that I work in and be a light to the young people and stuff like that but if it is to be a light in the company I work in – how do I go about enjoying my job when all I want to do is leave?

I guess if tomorrow goes okay with the presentation then it could all change but then again it might not. I guess today I am worried about it – my main worry is that I’ll get asked questions that I don’t have the answers to and don’t know where to find the answers.

Also it’s been a week since #140conf and I can’t quite believe how crazy stuff has got. I came back to work last Wednesday and had ideas coming out here there and everywhere I just didn’t know how to apply them – then it came up in conversation with the sales dude and that was that – I was doing this presentation and was going to be talking about Twitter and social networking.

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